Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Price in Nepal

In addition to the new phones, tablets and watches, Samsung took advantage of its Unpacked 2020 event to also announce the Galaxy Buds Live, the company’s new headphones with a different proposal than the Buds Plus, launched earlier this year.

If the Galaxy Buds and Buds Plus were already more robust headsets when compared to other competitors, the Buds Live will have an even more striking design. In bean form, the headphones are no longer supported on the users’ ear canal using the support rubber, but are of the open type, that is, they leave the ear canal open.

Buds Live are the third generation of true wireless Bluetooth headsets , bringing performance improvements, in the quality of calls and, above all, in the product format to allow a less obstructive use.

The price of Bluetooth headsets is in line with the offer on the market, standing out for its more organic design and format. Still, for a premium product , the new true wireless earbuds are very competitive.

They have active noise cancellation (ANC), isolating and minimizing the noise of the surroundings for a better listening experience of music and / or conversation. Incidentally, Buds Live have a total of three microphones to ensure clarity of voice.

Their shape, small “beans” with a shiny finish, will make them a showy and peculiar accessory. Note that Samsung took a long time to bet on the market for true wireless Bluetooth headsets with Galaxy Buds in early 2019.

From Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, we can activate the Google Assistant by tapping the touch sensitive area and using voice commands. Functions similar to those existing in previous models, but improved for new earbuds .

The earphones support a good range of controls, namely:

  1. Single ring – Enable, or pause, media playback (music, video and other elements)
  2. Two rings – Skip to the next audio / music track, end a phone call, put an active call on hold, answer an incoming call, and finally switch between calls.
  3. Three rings – Activate the previous track.
  4. Continuous ringing – Activates specific functions such as active noise cancellation (on / off), virtual assistant commands (Bixby and / or Google), or reject calls.

It is worth noting that the earphones have a mode that allows us to hear what is going on around us, the ambient mode, thus ensuring that we are not unaware of potential dangers. This function uses the external microphones to hear the surroundings.

The active noise cancellation function is particularly demanding in terms of energy. That said, the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live will vary depending on the use of this function, standing, on average, at 5.5 hours of use.

It may not seem like much, but they are slightly above the market average and, with the charging box, we can have up to 21 hours of music playback (without active noise cancellation).

The headset box has wireless charging (Qi) and a USB-C input for cable charging. What’s more, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is fast-charging, with 3 minutes of charge guaranteeing about 30 minutes of playback.

Through the LED indicators, you will know the level of charge, alternating between red, yellow and green. However, it is through the mobile phone that you will have an accurate idea of ​​the battery levels and more controls of the earphones.

Taking advantage of the Samsung Dual Audio function, you can connect the new Galaxy Buds Live to two mobile devices simultaneously. You can, for example, pair the headsets with the Note 20, as well as the Galaxy Watch 3.

Through the Bluetooth connection, you will have more freedom to train and listen to your favorite songs from your phone or watch. Something that increases the versatility of the new earphones, in addition to contributing to their value compared to competitors.

In summary, with the new design and “bean” shape, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live stand out from the competition. They are well equipped with technologies and connectivity, maintaining a relatively competitive price.

The market has excellent options, not only from Samsung, but also from the competitors. Even so, the new earbuds present themselves as a balanced solution, between price, features and a promising new format.

They are made of plastic, keeping them light, but they do not neglect the quality of construction or the finishes. The device is available in vibrant colors (bronze), in addition to classic tones such as white and black.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, whose bean-shaped design caused a stir, is now available in Nepali market at a price tag of Rs 19,999. The earbuds will be available in black, bronze, and white finishes.

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