ARM introduces Ethos-N57 and N37 neuroprocessors, Mali-G57 Valhall and Mali-D37 graphics

ARM Ethos N57 N37 Mali-G57 Mali-G53

ARM introduced four new products all at once. These are Ethos machine learning processors that complement the existing N77 model with simpler N57s and N37s; the first mid-range graphics accelerator on Valhall’s brand-new architecture in the face of the new Mali-G57; Mali-D37 display processor.

Ethos neuroprocessors
ARM first spoke about its new neuroprocessors (NUs) early last year under the name Project Trillium. This year at the TechCon conference, the company officially introduced these products under the market name Ethos, and the N77 became the first representative of the family.